“I have been dancing tango for over 14 years.  I have studied with teachers from all over the world, and I feel that my work with Liz and Masami has been the most transformational.  They have been able to see the root causes of old patterns that prevented me from progressing, and then communicate them clearly in a supportive way.  They have helped me to dance with more stability, deeper connection, more ease and comfort. I have participated in their group classes as well as their private lessons. Their teaching is extremely effective in both.  Their warmth and obvious desire to help everyone progress in the dance that they clearly love, make studying with them enjoyable and satisfying.  They do not just teach steps, which are easily forgotten, but use steps to teach the structure of the of the dance, as well as posture and technique. I highly recommend Liz and Massami to all who want to be the best tango dancers that they can be.” D.K., Colorado


"I had never taken a tango step in my life when a friend recommended Liz and Masami - what great luck. With patience, a sense of humor and what I now know to be a deep knowledge of tango they have transformed me into a tango enthusiast.  My wife is now on board and the two of us look forward to every lesson. And, their studio from dance floor to view is simply a wonderful place to dance, learn and escape."  John Hancock, Santa Fe


“Liz Haight is the consummate Tango teacher. Over the past eight years, I have watched as she puts her whole heart and soul into teaching her students how to connect with each other, how to connect with and dance in the music, and really live the essence of the Tango experience. You get way more than a set of steps with Liz; she shows you how to become the kind of dancer that will fill your life with joy and beauty. From my perspective of having studied with Liz for six years, there is nothing better.” Marianna Caluori, Albuquerque


“Living far away on a little island in the Pacific has it's benefits and it's flaws, one of them is endeavoring to learn to dance tango on such a remote place on the planet. Thank god Liz & Masami chose to visit and teach our little community several times a number of years ago. Although many big names & international tango celebrities visit our island every year to teach, I honestly have to say no-one prepared me as well as they did for the high pressure Milonga floors in Buenos Aires such as El Beso and Maipu. Because of their insistence and simple yet effective approach to teaching the elements that obviously have a high priority, such as embrace and connection with your partner, I was able have a wonderful experience dancing in Argentina. Thanks so much Liz & Masami, your influence and guidance has helped to give me the skill and confidence to be able to dance anywhere in the world!”   Suni, Maui


“There are many people who can teach the steps, patterns, lines and adornments of tango.  However, there are very few individuals who possess the ability to convey the essence of tango -- its heart -- the formlessness within the form that when embraced by both dancers is the true author and enactor of the movement.  Masami is one of those rare beings who, like medicine men of old, shamans and mystics, instinctively embodies his magic.  There is no artifice in what he offers; where others place, he evokes and where others demand, he simply beckons. In that, he is the naturalness of the movement and a master whose treasures to share are humility, compassion and patience.  These attributes encourage the student to open to her own absolute center which, when shared with another, allows tango its ultimate freedom and creative expression.  Masami leads his students to the heart of the dance and to an art whose knowing is that when all is given up -- the perfect dance will be given.”  Anon., Santa Fe


“Liz and Masami teach tango for those who want the real deal. This isn’t tango with flash or showboating. This is tango for people who want to master the basics - for a connection between leader and follower that makes them want to come back for more.” J. R., Lincoln, NE


“Liz and Masami provide the best foundation building for close embrace tango that I’ve experienced.” D.K., Nebraska


“Masami has opened up a whole new tango world to me.  And it's because of his teaching techniques: Gentleness, patience, humor and always being positive.  He speaks to me in a language I understand.  Who knew I could do this - and in four-inch heels” Freda Donica, Cochiti, NM


“I will never forget the first time Liz & Masami came to our island to teach about 6 years ago, because it changed my way to dance, enriching it and giving me a new way to view tango. They were the teachers I was waiting for. Not only did they inform us about this beautiful dance, the technique and way to move our body, the deep roots of the tradition, but also the importance of the embrace, the connection, the communication, the language we speak with our bodies while dancing. They have the ability to break down everything and teach us a movement without forgetting the most important part, connection, care, playfulness and the sense of being part of the whole dance floor. Their warmth and love for the dance, for each of us and their patience while teaching, touches my heart. I always love to see them dancing, and I love to dance with them too! Over the years they not only became our source of inspiration but our good friends too. They keep encouraging us, pushing us to the next level and surprising us with the last new discovery they are eager to share with us. I love them both dearly and I feel that it is a privilege to have them in my life.”  Mayra Pereira de Sosa, Maui


“The very best of our experiences in tango have been our lessons with Liz and Masami.” Sim & Britt, Salida CO


“Thoughts on Tango: I have been fascinated by the language of dance since childhood. As a child I danced my feelings and somewhere in the back of my mind I have searched for that experience again. The journey took many turns, through teenage ballroom classes, modern college classes, on Pointe ballet at 28, salsa and swing in my 40’s. Nothing quite satisfied until tango, or more precisely tango with Liz and Masami. By then I had almost given up finding a dance experience, rather than a performance. I wanted deeper dance, a shared experience to music that was heartfelt, playful, and sensuous. That’s a lot to ask and that is what this team of extraordinary teachers offer. It isn’t quickly learned or obvious, it is built layer by layer and subtle. I am almost back to the exhilaration, freedom and delight of dancing my feelings again. Thank you both.” Anne Cain, Santa Fe


“Other teachers have given me words.  Liz and Masami have given me the punctuation that turns words into poetry” T. C., Cleveland


“This workshop has been invaluable. You teach things that seem unable to be taught”. Anon, Maui


“There is a before and an after Liz Haight in our tango. Nobody will argue that. So has this workshop been valuable to me? Of course it has, but in ways that transcend my own self. You have opened a whole new door to us, letting us explore and enjoy a totally different kind of dancing than we are used to. You gave us meaning for every simple move. You’ve taught us how to talk and how to listen. You have taught us how to speak in the same language - you have made communication possible. And this goes beyond tango itself - this reaches us at a community level. F.L., Maui


“Her workshop allowed me to approach tango from a different perspective. I can enjoy, dance, and have fun with songs that I couldn’t before. I can dance with women I couldn’t before because now connection is suddenly possible. I can dance much better with my usual partners because our connection is more rich and deep. She cares - it is not just about teaching, it is about learning and she makes sure that happens” F.L., Maui


“I am wanting to extend my sincerest heart felt thanks to you and Masami for your superb instruction and compassion. I truly learned a lot from you both. You moved me from a “steps and moves” look at tango to a more “ambient” approach and attitude. So much more enjoyable.” S. G., Ohio


“Best lesson in 15 months of lessons!  Small corrections to our connection changed everything!!” Anon.,  Maui


"Liz Haight is a highly skilled and knowledgeable instructor of traditional, close embrace tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires.  She teaches with sensitivity to individual needs and is creative in her attempts to illustrate dancing concepts.  She has great patience and humor and she loves what she does. Masami also teaches and is a wonderful dancer. Their studio in La Cienega is a beautiful and comfortable space for lessons and milongas." E.B., Albuquerque


This workshop “slowed me down so I can feel and enjoy the fragrance of connection... sweet, subtle, complete.” Anon., Maui


“Being able to spend 5 days learning the expression of the embrace and how that will carry one to the steps was so fulfilling and amazing. Focus on the embrace and techniques coming from the inside out, from top to bottom, from the whole to the specific, from the essence of tango. The steps came out of these teachings and were a natural extension rather than the focal point which lent a different perspective and feeling to the dance - one appreciated and enjoyed. It gave the dance a flow, a wholeness, a body immersion.” G. S., Maui


"Working with Liz has been rich, engaging on many levels, and deeply satisfying.  She has a focused commitment to teach; to communicate the complexities of the dance, impart a sense of the culture that created it, and shares her passion inherent in the dance. Although I have studied tango for almost 4 years with other teachers, there are many new things I've experienced working with Liz in private classes. I have learned a strong foundation for internal and external movement and balance. I have also recognized with her the importance and the pleasure of connecting at the deepest level with a partner and the lyricism and rhythm of the music. I have been able to experience the elusive connection where leader and follower drop away and are as one. To watch Liz and Masami express this outwardly makes what sounds ephemeral visible and real. I have also learned about creativity and improvisation - trusting that the body knows what to do and working toward experiencing that naturally and playfully without the interference of thoughts. I have become aware of how to economize effort and the resulting joy of movement to the point of experiencing flight. Finally, because of my work with Liz, I recognize tango as an opportunity to find a place and move in harmony in the world - a place for limitless personal expression. I thank her for her support and inspiration. It has been such a pleasure to work with her and to know her."  R.S., Albuquerque


“Liz made the connection between partners precious and made dancing  the tango a free experience”. C.H., Cleveland


“Liz gives us the keys to unlock the inner tango.” A.C., Cleveland


“What can you say about these wonderful teachers?  They are so open to the group and are really connected to the level of dancing being taught. One of the best”. Anon., Cleveland


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