About Us


bio_photoTwo Moon Tango is a dance studio devoted entirely to close embrace social Argentine tango otherwise known as "Milonguero Style Tango". Two Moon Tango is located in La Cieneguilla, a rural area on the south side of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We, Liz Haight and Masami Hirokawa, conceived and built our studio with an aim to develop a friendly and open tango community. Two Moon Tango is a 1,500 sq. ft. beautiful professional dance studio with a sprung floor, sleeping loft, and amenities for visiting dancers and students.

We offer group and private classes as well as workshops throughout the year, here and throughout the U.S. Also, we host our Two Moon Tango Milongas (dance events) once a month and our Two Moon Tango Encuentros.

Since 2009, we have been focused on organizing Encuentros, gatherings of Milonguero-style dancers coming together to study, dance, and build community. These are traditional events in an intimate setting, attracting experienced dancers throughout North America. Our aim is to provide an optimal social dance environment which includes nationally known DJs and upscale, seated milongas with the codes of the dance adhered to as they are in Buenos Aires. 

As teachers and dancers, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of Milonguero-style tango - the traditional form of tango developed in the Golden Age which predominates today in the crowded dance halls of Buenos Aires. Based on walking, this form of tango is accessible to all people. The vocabulary is compact, created specifically for social dancing, allowing for easy improvisation and a relaxed and intimate connection.

We focus on the technical aspect of the dance, facilitating balance, stability, beauty, skilled footwork, and assured control of movement. Our passion, however, is working with the internal energetics of the dance, developing a quality and depth of connection which allows dialogue and co-creation in parnership.

From the inside out, through experiential and exploratory learning, we aim to develop one’s own free, unique, and full expression of unfolding moments in music.  In this way, the dance develops into an intimate conversation between partners, the sharing of our natural experiences in music and space.