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Two Moon Tango News!


We have holiday gift certificates available for workshops and private classes!




2018 Two Moon Tango Encuentros with Alicia Pons!


Registration is open Friday, December 8th, 6pm!


April 20-22: Advanced level Encuentro open to advanced level dancers with 10+ years experience with Milonguero Style tango.


April 27 - 29 - This Encuentro is open to both advanced and intermediate level dancers with a minimum of 3 years of Milonguero style study and dancing. Familiarity and experience with the codes of the dance are expected.


If you are an experienced Milonguero Style dancer and are not on our Encuentro list and wish to be, please email me to be added.

















Class Calendar

Thursdays: Tango III  - 7 - 8:30  

Saturdays: Tango I & II (December 3-week series. See details below)            

Saturdays: Two Moon Tango Milongas w/ class every 3rd Saturday (see dates and DJs on Milonga page). Class at 6:15 - 7:15. Milonga at 7:30 - 11:45







Class Descriptions
and Details


Tango I & II

 This class is held on Saturdays from 3:30-4:45 except for our milonga weekends (3rd Saturdays) when they are held from 6:15 - 7:15 ($20 for class and milonga). This is a fun, relaxed class focusing on all the fundamentals of close-embrace Argentine tango. In these classes you will learn the social form of tango danced in the traditional dance halls of Buenos Aires. This is a non-flash style based on a natural walk, focused on improvisation, mutual creativity, and connection with your partner. Anyone beginning tango, wanting to work with the fundamentals and milonga-friendly figures, or anyone wanting to become comfortable with close embrace tango and prepare for dancing in the Milongas (dance events) is welcome. Partners not necessary.  If you know of anyone interested in starting tango, forward this on to them! If you are coming for the first time and/or would like more info call Liz at 505-982-5833.

"Essentials to Close Embrace" Workshop Saturdays
     These days are for those beginning and for all those wanting to focus on the essentials of close embrace tango. Wanting better balance and connection with your partner? Wanting time to focus on control and better communication? Having difficulty with challenging positions (outside partner, turns, etc) in close embrace? These days are set up to go deep and address the basics, so that the rest is made easy! $35/day.
Tango III

Thursday evenings, 7 - 8:30.
This class is designed for those already comfortable with close embrace dancing. We will be focusing on intermediate/advanced level vocabulary with a concentration on musical participation and connection with our partners, creativity, relaxation, and internal energetics. This class is about enriching and enlivening your dance from the inside out. $90/6-weeks or $18/1.5 hr class. If you have not attended this class before, please call me to make sure that this is a good fit for you and the class. If you have attended before and plan to attend, please reply to this email to register or call Liz at 982-5833.

Milonga Intensives
Held on Sundays to be announced in the new year! These are one day Intensives on close-embrace Milonga (both Lisa & Traspie). Two classes from 1 - 2:15 & 2:30 - 3:45.  These Intensives are aimed to build skills and confidence with both Milonga Lisa (single timed) and Traspie (double timed). Liz and Bob Bern will be teaching these classes. $35/day.

Follower's Technique:

We focus on building technical skills to increase balance, stability, and beauty, as well as exploring internal dynamics to maximize your dance. If you are wanting to work on follower's technique, please email me. Will will run a class as soon as we have a full group.


Private classes:

We also teach private classes. One-on-one work is a nice way to focus in depth on a particular issue or simply a way of accelerating your learning. Classes are scheduled at flexible times. Feel free to call Liz at 505-982-5833 for any questions.